Leading Life Insurance company implements Eagle Accounting for Schedule D assets

A leading life insurance company recently embarked on a major transformation initiative. They sought to create a foundation for information across their investment management activities. A key part of this transformation involved accounting and operations support for Schedule D assets. CastlePeak co-founder and principal, Chris Spurrell played a leadership role in the successful adoption of Eagle Accounting for this clients’ Schedule D assets. We worked very closely with senior management and staff to:

  • Evaluate legacy platform and strategic options.
  • Conduct system selection and proof of concept.
  • Create the program plan and budget, supporting the senior leadership approval process.
  • Develop overall solution architecture.
  • Drive program execution across multiple workstreams.
  • Successfully accommodate multiple contingencies and replan while staying true to program objectives.
  • Develop solutions for complex assets including bank loans.
  • Transition effectively to client management as the program went live.
  • Supervise and support key go-live transition and reconciliation processes.

The program went live in 2017 integrating Schedule D assets into a single platform, supporting Statutory, GAAP and Tax accounting, streamlining critical financial reporting cycles and eliminating internally developed data warehousing legacy platforms.

Why Us?

Our experience of successful end to end project lifecycle management in the investment accounting domain meant that we were an effective partner all the way from strategic analysis to final delivery. Our problem solving, industry knowledge and systems skills enabled us to navigate a complex and challenging project and to deliver success for this major client.