How We Help

Our services encompass a full range of disciplines across a wide range of industries. We can assemble teams with rich talent and complementary skills to fit most any project and our expertise extends across business, project management and technical domains.

Clients Departments Business Disciplines Technology Disciplines Systems Expertise
Insurance Portfolio Management Strategy & Planning Data Management Trade/Order Management
Mutual Funds Trading System/Supplier Selection Business Analysis Derivatives
Banks Middle Office Business Process Improvement Report Development Cash Management
Pension Funds Investment Operations Business Analysis Project Management Market Data
Investment Advisors Fund/Investment Accounting Outsourcing Custom Development Investment Accounting
Software Vendors Performance Measurement Implementations Systems Integration Reconciliation
Technology Outsourcers Compliance Straight-Through Processing Testing Performance Measurement
Business Process Outsourcers Finance and Financial Reporting Industry Best Practice Software Upgrades Data Warehouse

Our individual consultants come prepared with significant industry experience, advanced education and/or industry certifications, often tailored perfectly to the task at hand. And our leadership and client satisfaction model ensures that resources are fully supported during engagements. When you are ready, talk to us  about how we can help.